Identity design

Proposed logo

Identity design proposed for BRICS football tournament

India is hosting the U-17 football tournament of BRICS nations ( Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa) in 2016. The organising committee invited open entries for logo and tagline design for the tournament on MyGov portal. This is our submission to the competition.

Design concept

Building responsive, inclusive and collective solution, the core values of BRICS association and the ultimate aim of the design message. The logo is made up of the basic pentagon which happens to bind the five nations in single shape as well as the conventional football is formed by stitching the pentagon shapes. The colours in the logo are an abstract of the colours from the flags of five BRICS nation.

Design concept

The pentagons when adjusted in circle makes an imaginary shape of football in negative white space. The two circles are uniting together spreading a message of inclusiveness, collectiveness( they are tied in a form with pentagon), responsiveness (in circular action) .The colour of pentagons is a collective group of colours from the flags of BRICS nations.

The tagline

The Tagline

PLAY : The Games are being played with the message of BRICS association.
UNITE : Coming together through games
BUILD : To build responsive, inclusive & collective solution



Corporate communications

Usage of the logo on corporate communications, enhanced with the design theme on the edges or corner of the material ( can change the images to full screen)

Implementation of the logo i
Implementation of the logo

Implementation of the logo in medals

Implementation of the logo in medals.

Use of logo and the theme on game merchandise

Use of logo and the theme on game merchandise.